Accessing new markets, developing new competitive products and services, as well as implementing new approaches to export promotion are critical to the further development of the Ukrainian and Moldovan economies.

WNISEF launched the Export Promotion Policy Program to improve ability of Ukrainian and Moldovan exporters to access new markets.

The program’s approach is to work with Ukrainian and Moldovan governments to develop and implement rational forward-looking national export promotion policies, promote Ukraine and Moldova globally and what we offer to the world, support public and private sector initiatives in Ukraine and Moldova to address systemic issues, deliver far-reaching benefits, improve export environment, achieve export expansion and jobs creation.

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Our Goal – support SMEs in promoting the best products from Ukraine and Moldova to the world

Our Approach – work with Ukrainian and Moldovan governments and hands-on assistance to exporters to reorient trade to Western markets

Improving policy and regulatory environment to facilitate exports

In Ukraine the Program is working closely with the Ministry of Economic Development and Trade to develop a comprehensive National Export Strategy. The National Export Strategy will ultimately define the country’s vision and goals in trade policy as well as government resources, regulations and laws to be aligned to rapidly increase Ukraine’s export capacity and business climate for business development and foreign investment.

Strategic Trade Development Roadmap (2017 — 2021)

Strengthening and supporting public and private sector institutions involved in export and investment promotion

The Program supports and strengthens the Ministry of Economic Development and Trade’s capacity to perform its international business development functions. WNISEF, in cooperation with the Foundation for Support of Reforms in Ukraine, and the international technical assistance project “Expert Deployment for Governance and Economic Growth (EDGE)”, funded by the Government of Canada, supports the activity of the Export Promotion Office at the Ministry of Economic Development and Trade of Ukraine, aiming to increase the Ukrainian export capacities.

WNISEF played a major role to help Ukraine improve and raise its image as a welcoming potential business partner. This effort included the production of highly acclaimed videos: “Invest in Ukraine”, “Experience Ukraine”, “Grow Ukraine“, “Ukraine is Changing” and “IT Future” were shown at domestic and international conferences, trade shows, in airports, on television and social media to highlight an honest, positive image of a “New Ukraine” open to millions of prospective business partners and visitors. In addition, accompanying multilingual brochures were produced and printed for distribution to potential business partners.

Export Promotion Office under MEDT

Forums and trade missions to USA, Germany, Netherlands, Canada, France, Malaysia, Indonesia and Lithuania, and other countries




exporters in the database


businesses in Export Promotion Council meetings

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Ukraine is changing

Increasing export awareness

In keeping with its original mission, WNISEF has continued to put special emphasis on expanding and diversifying Ukraine’s and Moldova’s exports of goods and services with the increased participation of small and medium-sized enterprises. Small and medium companies have traditionally operated closely within the local economy or within traditional export markets, and although firms now aspire to expand their business through exports to new markets, many companies find this very challenging. That is why the Program is assisting Ukrainian and Moldovan small and medium businesses expand their presence in foreign markets, for instance by supporting their participation in international trade events.

How to apply

To be eligible for assistance under the WNISEF Moldova Export Promotion Grants Program applicants must clearly demonstrate how their proposed project will specifically contribute to priority #1 and at least two additional priorities as listed below:

  1. Creates and/or sustains Moldovan private sector jobs by developing, increasing and/or maintaining exports in a measurable and sustainable way.
  2. Expands and deepens exporter base by enabling more SMEs to become involved in international business.
  3. Increases exports to any of the newly opened markets, resulting from the Association Agreement and DCFTA with the EU and/or other existing trade agreements.
  4. Increases exports in at least one of the following economic sectors: consumer goods; processed foods; IT goods and services; travel and tourism; industrial goods; or any other economic sector that demonstrates clear and well documented export potential.
  5. Adds to SMEs’ export capacities and international business knowledge and skills.
  6. Develops necessary exporter services and programs to help facilitate international trade and investment.
  7. Engages SMEs in export seminars; trade promotion events, including trade missions, major international exhibitions and trade shows; international business conferences and other significant and justified events designed to promote international trade and investment.
  8. Helps new-to-market and new-to-export SMEs to: identify export markets offering the best prospects for success; develop market entry strategies; identify and connect with potential trade partners; and expand their marketing, sales and distribution by tapping into global supply chains.
  9. Helps exporters identify, understand, adapt to international and country specific product standards and local business practices.
  10. Helps SMEs to address and overcome non-tariff barriers to exports such as discriminatory regulations, local content requirements and technical requirements violating existing trade agreements.
  11. Helps project a positive commercial image of Moldovan made goods and services in the global market place.

Selection criteria

Funding decisions are determined on the following basis:

  • Benefits to SMEs seeking to enter new markets;
  • Prospects for entering and developing new markets and business relations;
  • Potential impact on employment and export growth;
  • The applicant’s organizational capacity to implement the proposed project;
  • The justification for financial support required by the project;
  • The project’s future sustainability;
  • Detailed business plan.

Based on these criteria, preference will be given to trade, business and industry associations and economic development agencies that propose programs and projects that clearly benefit their rank-and-file membership and stakeholders. Individual firms or groups of firms may be deemed eligible to apply at WNISEF’s discretion, if and when no other entity as described above is in place to represent the specific business sector.

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Moldova Export Promotion Grants Program 2021 UKR

Trade promotion events in 18 countries:

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Experience Ukraine! We are open for Tourism

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Grow Ukraine

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Invest in Ukraine

Ukraine provides unlimited opportunities for investments with its highly-skilled professionals, proximity to the core transport hubs of the region and being driven by a new generation of leaders. Ukraine is Open for U!

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Ukraine. Open for IT

Ukraine – is a #1 software development center in Central and Eastern Europe and fourth largest exporter of IT products and services in the world. We owe our success to the talent of more than 100 000 IT professionals, strong education system and support of Ukrainian government. We are the best in what we do on the global arena: 10 IT companies operating in Ukraine have been selected among one hundred of 2016’s best outsourcing service providers in the world.

Ukraine should become an important player on the global digital technologies market.
Ukraine is open to software development, establishment of R&D centers, e-commerce, and startups. Open to IT. Open to You!