WNISEF seeks to broaden and deepen the human capacity necessary to advance private sector development in Ukraine and Moldova through training, mentoring, internships and other programs that will develop and increase economic, business, entrepreneurship, and leadership knowledge, skills and abilities.

Key beneficiaries:
– Senior and middle level managers from corporate and NGO sectors
– Local business schools (alumni, management, faculty, and students)
– Reformist teams of ministries, and state agencies, including management teams of strategic state owned enterprises
– Masters and bachelor students of local universities
– Ukrainian high-school graduates
– Innovative companies, startups, and enterpreneurs

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Our Goal – develop new generation of leaders who will transform Ukraine and Moldova

Our Approach – focus on individual: to achieve real sustainable change, invest in people

Ukrainian Leadership Academy


current students from throughout Ukraine


young people reached


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About the Academy

The Ukrainian Leadership Academy is a 10-month program of personal and collective development for secondary school graduates built on combination of physical, psychological, and intellectual development and based on the values.

The aim of the Academy is to unite young people with high potential for leadership, and provide them with the best training and world practices, help them to discover a deep understanding of national identity, reveal their true talent, and encourage them to become agents of change for the benefit of our country.

The Academy was founded in 2015 with support of the Western NIS Enterprise Fund. The project is supported by the Presidential Administration of Ukraine, the Parliament Committee on Education and Science, and the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine.

The shortage of new quality people with the up-to-date skills and ability to study, free mindset and strong values at all levels is one of the biggest things holding back these countries’ growth

Roman Tychkivskyy

Economic Leadership Program Manager

SEED Grant

Our vision

We believe that human capital is the foundation for democracy and economic prosperity in Ukraine and Moldova. The region’s transformation to liberal democracy and market economy requires well-trained leaders who will unleash new vision, new ideas, new energies and new approaches to the many challenges faced by society daily. Government, business and civil society all benefit from the growing number of well-educated professionals experienced living in other communities, developed a broad worldview and are dedicated to investing their talents, dreams, and energy into transforming Ukraine and Moldova.

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SEED Grant Heroes: Dmytro Okhrimchuk

Meet SEED Grant recipients who share their experience and guide you through their stories.

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SEED Grant from Western NIS Enterprise Fund

Program provides financial support to talented individuals from Ukraine and Moldova who are admitted to one of the top 50 MBA programs in the U.S. and are committed to returning home and investing their skills in their country of origin.


  • Passport-Sized Photo / Résumé
  • Personal Statement / Motivational essay
  • Actual contact info of two reputable individuals, whom you choose as your recommenders (Academic, Social, and Professional Recommendations).
  • Acceptance Letter from Receiving U.S. Business School (Top 50 according to U.S. News Full-Time MBA Programs ranking)
  • Copy of Current University Diplomas (if applicable)
  • Two-year financial plan (budget), indicating sources of funds
  • Sufficient proof of income/savings/loans to cover living and transportation expenses to/from and within the U.S.
  • Any other proofs of additional funds.

Having SEED Grant and attending Chicago Booth has made an immense impact on my life

Roman Cherepakha

SEED Grant Recipient

State Owned Enterprises

Western NIS Enterprise Fund (WNISEF) financially supports the State Owned Enterprises (SOE) Chief Executive Officers’ (CEOs) Development and Training Program launched in partnership with the Ministry of Economic Development and Trade (MEDT) and Kyiv School of Economics (KSE).

40 top managers of 38 enterprises from different industrial sectors of Ukraine took part in the program. The SOEs participating in the Training Program include:

The program lasts for 7 months and comprises of 14 educational modules and a group case study. The modules cover all important aspects of modern corporate management.

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Transformation Program of TOP CEOs of SOEs at Kyiv School of Economics

Program goals:

  • Supporting the process of SOEs transformation into well governed, transparent, efficient, financially effective and profitable companies.
  • Providing support to the Government of Ukraine in selecting and developing CEOs to lead transformation of SOEs.
  • Explaining and promoting the concept of value creation through modern corporate governance, effective operations management, use of capital markets and other modern management approaches.
  • Sharing international experience and best practices in SOE management and transformation through invitation of renowned international scientists and practitioners.
  • Providing assistance in setting relevant strategic goals for different SOE types and developing foundation for building support systems for CEOs through mentorship and twinning with CEOs of EU and North American SOEs.

State Owned Enterprises

Training for


top managers


largest SOEs


corporate finance
corporate ethics